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Chameleon (lizard) amigurumi crochet pattern

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An original realistic crochet amigurumi Chameleon lizard pattern by June Gilbank.

Chameleons are probably the most fascinating of lizards because of their unique physiological adaptations: large eyes with fused, independently-swivelling eyelids; amazing Y-shaped feet to grip onto branches; a prehensile tail; and a tongue as long as its body with a suction cup on the end for catching insects. You'll find all these features (except the tongue) in my pattern!

Yarn: worsted weight yarn in green, or any other colour of your choice

Hook: US E / 3.5mm

Additional info: You'll also need 6 pipe cleaners to make the legs and tail poseable. The ends of the pipe cleaners are protected, but please be sensible and don't use this as a baby toy unless you skip the pipe cleaners (tips for how to omit them are given in the pattern).

Size: approx 8″ long with tail tightly coiled

Eyes: 6mm

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Chameleon (lizard) amigurumi crochet pattern : MP028

US$6.00  US$5.50
Save: 8% off