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Detail Stuffing Tool for amigurumi and plush toys


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The Detail Stuffing Tool is an essential tool, available exclusively from, that lets you:

· Get a grip on your stuffing
· Stuff the tiniest pieces
· Stuff right into the corners

Whether you crochet, knit, or sew stuffed toys or amigurumi, you need a Detail Stuffing Tool! 


This little number may not look like much, but boy is it handy! I've used everything in the book trying to more efficiently stuff tiny plush parts (tiny fingers and toes are the worst!)—chopsticks, knitting needles, wooden dowels, doll stuffing forks, the Stuff It tool, etc. But nothing had good enough grip for the stuffing; the tools would just slide right through... Enter the Detail Stuffing Tool! This neat tool makes quick work of stuffing tiny parts. It's extremely easy to use and has excellent grip for the stuffing. No more slipping, and stuffing right where I need it.
Excerpted from PlushroomSoup review

Just this month June introduced her new detail stuffing tool, which helps make stuffing little amigurumi creations so much easier... I know it would make stuffing biscornus and ornaments much, much easier too. I recommend it highly.
Excerpted from SilverLotus review

To see it in action, please view this short video that demonstrates the benefits of the tool, and techniques for using it:

Get a grip on your stuffing: Fiberfill (especially the better quality ones) can be quite slippery, and if you try to use the end of your crochet hook or a chopstick to stuff, you'll find that the fibres just slide around the edge of the stick, and you end up poking a hole in the stuffing instead of pushing the stuffing into the hole! The Detail Stuffing Tool has two prongs that catch the fibres of the stuffing so it can't slip away as easily, and twisting the tool as you insert it spins the stuffing fibres into the piece with ease.

Stuff the tiniest pieces: The head of the Detail Stuffing Tool is small enough to fit inside the tiniest amigurumi part. The added bonus is that you can use it to add an extra bit of stuffing to a closed shape after you've finished crocheting (when you only have a 6 sc hole remaining to stitch closed) so you can stuff as firmly as you want without having to struggle to avoid catching the stuffing fibres while you crochet that last round.

Stuff right into the corners: The Detail Stuffing Tool also works really well to stuff tiny pieces for sewn plush toys. It can be really difficult to position the stuffing exactly where you want it to fill a tiny finger or arm or nose. By twirling the stuffing around the tool to make a firm blob of stuffing at the head of the tool, you can place the tool inside the tip of the piece, and then grip the stuffing from the outside as you withdraw the tool, so that the stuffing stays in place.

The Detail Stuffing Tool is available in 4 assorted colours: pink, orange, purple, and green (please note that colours will be assigned randomly; if you have a very strong colour preference, please add your 1st and 2nd choices as a note with your order and I'll do my best to accommodate you).

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Detail Stuffing Tool for amigurumi and plush toys :


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