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CIG to Amigurumi - FREE Signed Bookmark

Please note I will not be able to ship any physical products until I've recovered from my knee surgery and can drive to the post office again! You may still order them now, but be aware that you won't receive them for an unknown time (although I will email you once your order has been shipped).

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As a personal thank you for buying my book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Amigurumi, I've designed a bookmark that I'll sign and send to you for FREE, so you can personalize your copy without the expense of sending it to me to sign! Keep the bookmark in your copy to mark the page of the tutorial you're currently reading - it's practical as well as decorative :) 

Here's how it works:
  1. Tell me your first name (or the first name of whoever you'd like me to sign it to) so I can personalize the bookmark to you when I sign it (there's a nice space in the middle of the bookmark for me to write on). 

  2. The bookmark is absolutely FREE to you if you're already buying anything that includes a shipping cost (i.e. my PlanetJune-exclusive products: the Amigurumi Essentials Kit, Detail Stuffing Tools and/or Stitch Markers for crochet). Just select 'FREE' from the shipping options below.

  3. If you're only buying patterns in this order (or just want the bookmark and nothing else), you'll just pay the postage cost for me to send the bookmark to you - select that option to add the shipping cost to your order.

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